Why “The Drill Fitness”

People frequently give up on fitness routines because of boredom and time constraints. “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training offers a practical solution for both. It’s a energetic and flexible way to keep exercise interesting and saves time while boosting cardiovascular and muscular fitness. You’ll burn a decent amount of calories too! Typically in a 1-hour circuit training session, a 150-pound person burns about 308 calories at a moderate intensity and 573 calories at a vigorous intensity.

At “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training we offer a convenient and exciting way to exercise using a variety of cutting edge circuit training equipment. We have a whole host of equipment including free weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, Bulgarian bags, vipers, battle ropes to name but a few. It’s a great way to discover new equipment and exercises you might not have tried on your own.

The Drill Fitness http://thedrillfitness.co.uk

What are the benefits of “The Drill Fitness”

“The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training offers a type of…

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As a child I always had a passion for…

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Whether you are an elite athlete, a regular gym…

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Personal Training

As an experienced certified personal trainer I have a…

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