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“The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training is different from other classes you may have attended. “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training consists of short bursts of resistance exercises using a moderate amount of weight and high repetitions, followed by another burst of exercise targeting a different muscle group at each exercise station with little rest in between each station, allowing for a challenging and complete body work-out in 60 minutes. The resistance training drills such as squats require the use of more than one set of joints which helps strengthen muscle and bone tissue. When this happens, your body has to work harder, burning additional calories and also increasing musculoskeletal fitness. The moderate weight training as well as range-of-motion exercises that you will do at “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training will keep tendons and ligaments pliable and strong, which in turn will improve balance and stability.

These short but powerful bursts of resistance exercises coupled with cardiovascular exercises can accelerate weight loss because your body doesn’t have time to get used to the variation circuit training offers. By switching up the muscle groups, little rest is needed and the heart rate goes up and stays up, something that usually doesn’t occur in a traditional resistance training session. By moving quickly from one set to the next, layered between sets of cardiovascular reps, your heart and lungs must also continue working, which promotes your aerobic fitness. “The Drill Fitness” Circuit Training works because it causes you to keep pushing your body aerobically, while still challenging your strength.

The great thing is even after you have finished your circuit session you continue to burn calories hours later. As you build muscle, this muscle will burn more calories at rest so your metabolism stays elevated. This is very important, especially for anyone getting older or looking to lose weight. Whilst you do build muscle in circuit training, the biggest gains are seen in endurance. During a single session, you are continuously working your cardiovascular system, this makes it an ideal workout to add to your endurance program, especially those needing a break from running or other high impact sports, but wanting to maintain the benefits of training.

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